About Us

About Us

Sadat Welfare Society Gujarat is aiming to become educated and responsible servant of ImameZamana (afts): “The Ultimate Savior for Mankind”.
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Our Work

Sadat Welfare Society – Gujarat organised Exam Booster Seminar for SSC & HSC board students on 17.02.2019 at Shahe Najaf Hall, Mahuva (Gujarat – India). More than 150 students attended the seminar from different cities like Mahuva, Kodinar, Bhavnagar, Una, Singsar, Fifad & Randhiya. Expert speakers from different specializations delivered speeches for students.Learn More

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Our Events

Sadat welfare society – gujarat’s overseas members at UAE had an introductory meeting at Sarjah for the First time on 07.09.2018. Youth & Seniors who working over there for many years had useful interaction where Mission of Objectives of SWS were discussed. Its was a tremendous response over there and people assure their support and contribution in achieving noble objectives.Learn More

News and blogs

News And Blogs

Salamun Alaykum our beloved student and their parents. We glad you’re reading our blogs, These days an exam season on the way, and many of student have a phobia about the exam and today Sadat Welfare Society sharing some important tips with you. Make sure you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notesLearn More

Shajarah Intro

Sadat Intro

The Sadaat Bukhari or Naqvi Saiyed are a community of Sayyids, historically settled in the Saurashtra, in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Bukhari is a Sayyid from Naqvi denomination, a descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (saw) through his grandsons, Hasan ibn Ali (as) or Husayn ibn Ali (as) in the male line. Bukhari, a family name, is derived from birthplace of their ancestor Jalaluddin Surkh Posh Bukhari (ar), Bukhara, in modern Uzbekistan.Learn More

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News and Blogs

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