The SWS Online Quiz 2019 On Imame Zamana (atfs)

Salamun Alaykum,

Dear All, The sole motive for this Online Quiz is to know more about Our Beloved Imam as. This exam will surely be helpful to you and your friends in knowing Imam (as) of our age.

Let’s Encourage all to participate in this online Exam. Let’s be helpful to us promoting Islamic Culture in our society through maximum participation. Let’s be part of drive of ‘KNOWING MORE ABOUT OUR BELOVED IMAM (AS)’. Let’s perform our duty spreading knowledge regarding Imam of Our Time.


Kindly download the Quiz Syllabus File below. Also watch and listen the Video Lectures on Marefate Imame Zamana (atfs) by Madrasatul Qaim (as).


Kindly Note Online Quiz Exam will cover the questions from above syllabus. We hope above syllabus will help you all to know more about Imame Zamana (atfs).

Inshaallah this quiz will help you to be more curious about Imame Zamana (atfs) and you will acquire more knowledge about Imam of our time from other reliable sources as well.

We expect co operation from all of you. Your honest and pure participation will encourage the TEAM SWS. Thanks Jazakallah Khair.

Best Of Luck


22 thoughts on “The SWS Online Quiz 2019 On Imame Zamana (atfs)”

  1. Masallah it is a great work it will help so many people and we can know about imam e zamana deeply
    Thank you so much for organizing online quiz .

  2. Thanks for appreciation. Let’s participate and also encourage others to participate. Acquiring knowledge is the prime intention of this quiz. So help us in our motive.

  3. “Jo Saksh Apne Zamane ke Imam ki Ma’arefat ke Bagair Mar Jaye Uski Maut Jaheliyat ki Maut hai” (Rasul s.a.w.s)

    It’s a very useful step for Community we are getting so much knowledge about it.


  4. Indeed this is a great work going to great direction, on line quiz is most welcome move to connect with spirituality . Team SWS is doing vital work. Congratulations to all. May our beloved imams blessings be with us. All the best to all.

  5. Masaallah Allah app sab team sws Ko salamat rakhe aur masaallah aap har sal quiz competition rakhe .This quiz is very useful for our people and we can know about imam e zamana deeply .once again thank you soo much

  6. Indeed it is a great initiative towards a great goal and spirituality. Team SWS is doing marvelous job. It will sure help our community to getting it’s solid bond with our beloved imams and to obey them sincerely. Congratulations to team SWS for their efforts and all the best to all participants,our imams blessing are with us.

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  8. Mashallah maula salamat rakhe or hr kam me tarraki de jazakallah ilm me izafa krne k liye quiz k zariye bhut Sara knowledge milega or imam k bare me zyada se zyada information bhi milegi.jazakallah good job👍

    1. Jazakallah

      Aap sab ke feedbacks hausala afzaai karte hai.
      Insha Allah aur bhi behtar krne ki koshish karenge.

  9. Mashallah…..such a great initiative by your team….may allah bless you all….nd may also hasten the reappearance of our IMAM a.s…..
    With regards…..

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